Thursday, May 10, 2012

Performance Tuning In Adf Application (Part 3)

Following are some more point to make application performance tune.

3-If in your application number of concurrent user more then please do following change in AM configuration.
   Please follow the step
  1-Click on the AM xml file and select the Configuration
  2-Click on the new button
  3- One pop up will open then  go to Polling and Scalability  option
  4- Go to"Maximum Availability" property and change it on basis of your concurrent user requirement  for example 50 or 100.

The following image will depict the above points

4-If you are using adf security  in your application be sure it's  implemented properly.Because if the way of implements  is wrong then it will create  the LDAP over head.The communication with LDAP server also impart on performance. so the number of call with the LDAP server should be less.

5-We can also do  some necessary changes or check into web.xml to make application performance  faster

    1-org.apache.myfaces.trinidad.CHECK_FILE_MODIFICATION should be false
    2-org.apache.myfaces.trinidad.DISABLE_CONTENT_COMPRESSION should be false
    3-javax.faces.STATE_SAVING_METHOD should be client

javax.faces.STATE_SAVING_METHOD   always be client side no need to mention on server.

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