Thursday, May 3, 2012

Performance Tuning In Adf Application (Part 1)

We can achieve performance tuning in ADF application to implementing the following point in our application ..

1-Tuning in the AM

Approach :

First Tune the AM.Since Am is the main part of the ADF BC layer so it  is always good deal to start the performance tuning  from AM first.
AM is responsible for accessing VO .If instantiation VO will take more time then definitely it will hit performance issue in the application .moreover we also require to tune the VO as well.

Follow the following step to implement the tuning  in AM.

1-Go to AM
2-click on the general tab.By default it will automatic open
3-expend the Tuning Section
4-The following statement will maintained over there

   "By using the lazy-loading ,you can defer the runtime instantiation of View Instance and nested Application Module Instance until the first time they are used "

Select the check box of the  Customize Runtime Instantiation Behavior  and then select the radio button Lazy Loading .

After implementing this ,you can see in the AM xml file following statement has been added :


Uses :

The approach will applicable in the all type of application.but more suitable for application which contains more VO's  (50-100 or more).

*This is first step towards implementing performance tuning in the ADF application  

The topic will continue.In the next blog i will post second point to implement the performance tuning


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  1. What does lazy loading of an AM mean? Can you please explain or provide docs which i can refer?