Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Creating Enity Object without using database table.

Hi Everyone,

This post is very simple and straightforward and this is useful for beginner. Any post which find here is based on my understanding and experience.

And also this post is just to share my experience. I always believe write any ADF post does not mean that i am inventing something new. It is just matter of enhancing our prospective.

All the credit goes to developer , manager and oracle itself for writing this profound framework. Our job is utilize this framework and create application. I called myself as secondary developer.

In this post i will try to explain how we can create entity object without using any database. And also why do we really need.

Requirement : If you can using consuming web service which is given by third party into application then you can use this option. Straightforward requirement is your data is coming from somewhere else.

Solution : In software development , there is also different way of solving the same problem. The solution which i am explaining here is not the only one solution but this is one from many.

The approach which i am going to follow here to create entity object without using database table.

When you creating first time entity object in your application it will prompt you below popup. And if you see yellow one , we have three option.

To focus with current post , the use Online Database object and  provide connection.

Now let's create entity object with below value and selection.

 when you click on next it will prompt you one popup which i highlighted below. Say No.

 It will move to next step where you have to define attributes. You can define as many attribute you want based on your business need. Below is sample

And after successfully creating EO object , let's visit EO information.
You can not see any schema. 

And also if you see attributes tab, You can see column name and column type is $none$.

Now let's create VO and AM , approach which will be normal way creating VO.

And also i have created pages, backing and in AM one method which basically we create row in VO object. This is very simple therefore i am not explaining here , it will derail this topic. 

Running page is look like below screenshot.

Conclusion :
1- You can create EO object without using any database table.
2- You can also use associate for this kind of EO.
3- And if you try to print query it will return null in 12c , however in 11g this use to throw error.

Application can be found at below location.


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