Saturday, March 2, 2013

Guide for installing Glass Fish server ,integration with jdeveloper and security implementations


After making oracle ADF essential open source with limited  features by oracle now it time is integrate ADF essential with glass fish server to understand how it's work.

Although there are a lot of blog post on same topic by oracle and team.But here i am going to collect all into one document,put some more information ,add some more feature and posting here.

In Oracle ADF essential following feature are not available

1-MDS support
and also more...

Let me explain above point in details in Glass fish with adf application context.

Security for glass fish and ADF application:Security is very vital and important part of any web based application.Therefore before using oracle essential for any development you should need to think about your security approach.Although in glass fish server security is supported which is based on JAAS specification.
Oracle Security is also based on JAAS specification and ADF security is highly tightly coupled with weblogic server so if no weblogic server then no oracle adf security.
So if you are using Glass fish server for deploying your ADF application then you should need to learn in/out of JAAS security approach.

MDS :Regarding MDS we need to disable it JVM level in glass fish server.
I have created one document where i have explained all the things related to installing ,security and integration and also i captured all above points in document.

Apart from this we need to use correct version of jdeveloper which support glassfish deployment 
Above explanations is just high level information you should  read following document for more.

link is following


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