Monday, September 24, 2012

Oracle Adf Became free (Open Source not fully )

Hi All,

I know this is making allot of buzz on internet today so that why i have also decided to make a post on the same.

You can get more information at following link


BTW Following part which they make open source

1-BC component
2-ADF faces
3-Binding Layer (JSR 227 )
4-ADF Controller
5-DVT Component 

Although i also want to put some more point here ,they make the ADF open source that is true but if you have weblogic server license already then still you do not require to get any license from oracle to use ADF in production .

SO here is deal either you are fare enough to use the ADF with Glass Fish or forget this open source myth.

Since they have not make security as open source and if you are willing to take then you should have to get license from oracle.So here we can understand oracle why they have not made security open sources because security is only work with weblogic server mean it is compatible with weblogic and they are never ever going to make weblogic free .

So i have here mixed response for this announcement.



  1. hi,

    ADF Essential is free , but not Open source.
    But oracle will give the source code to partners , if requested