Sunday, June 3, 2012

Multiple Faces-Config.xml file

Multiple faces-config.xml  file in Single Application:

It is possible to have more than one faces-config.xml in any java EE  web application or fusion web application .

By default newly created  Fusion web application has following configuration file -

1-one web.xml  file (Deployment descriptor)
    Part of any j2ee application.
2-one faces-config.xml (does not have any entry in web.xml file)
    Part of the jsf application
3-one adf-config.xml (does not have any entry either in web.xml or faces-config.xml file)
   Part of the adf application

In Any web based application there will only one web.xml file but may have more than one faces-config.xml and adf-config.xml file.

We observed following point when we  have created second faces-config.xml file in our application.

1-When we created one more faces-config.xml file in application then in this case newly created file entry will added into web.xml which have following code :


If you crated on more faces-config.xml  then code will look like following code


It will add newly created faces-config,xml file entry comm separated in <param-value> tag.

*Previously when we have single faces-config.xml file there we did not have  entry in the web.xml .

2-If your web based application size is huge or it became very tough to maintains application  navigation rule(because of the confusion )  then in this case it is recommended to split your  faces-config.xml file  in two or more faces-config.xml.Even it also use full if your team size is big.One team  can has one individual faces-config.xml file(what they want they can do freely.but one thing they should have keep in mind before going to create the jsf navigation rule that is uniqueness of rule).

Suppose if  we  have two faces-config.xml .One faces-config.xml contians two pages (page A and page B) with GO jsf Navigation rule.And in second faces-config.xml also contains two page (page A and page C)  with GO(which is same as in first config file) jsf Navigation rule.If you run the page A which has one command button which has GO as Action then in this case it will navigate to page B.

even  second faces-config has same jsf navigation rule but it will navigate to B.
Because it has given  priority to first faces-config.xml file not second faces-config.xml file .

4-Navigation rule searching approach :If the first faces-config.xml does not match the jsf navigation rule then in this case it will search in second faces-config.xml and  so on ... and if it's find navigate rule in the first faces-config (like third point )it will not going to search next faces-config.xml file.

For checking above behavior  i changed the jsf navigation rule GO to GO1 in  first faces-config.xml and  By the way page A command button still has same action (Go).

 So in this case  if you run the first page and click on command button it will first search in faces-config no navigation rule matched then it will search in the second faces-config.xml.In our case it will find the navigation rule in second faces-config.xml  so  it is navigate to Page C.

I will keep add new point if i will find any    :)


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    What if I need to add multiple adf-config.xml files